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This is a livejournal community for those who have been banned from the official Rent message board, Voices for Rent. These are the people who have had their "voice for Rent" silenced by the hand of Benny.

Here, you can freely speak of topics that are related to Rent, vaguely related to Rent, or not related to Rent at all. After all, it was Rent that brought us here, but we might have other interests.

1. Don't be an idiot.
That means you. Don't expect a happy response when you come in talking about how "hawt" Adam Pascal is. Don't come in talking in all caps and spelling things wrong. The only exception for this is Harley Jay. And if you make an entire, or even most of a post as Harley Jay, you will get chewed out by the members. Even if I do it.

1. Do I have to be a banned member to join?
Not at all! This is not only a place for banned members to come and talk, it's a place for friends of banned members to come and talk. We don't want to lose contact with the friends we've made.

2. Can we bash Benny?
In your right of free speech, and this being a place of refuge, you may speak out against Benny as you will. However, we ask that you don't threaten his life, or think that doing such a thing in reality is a good idea. He's a sad little fool, but isn't guilty of crimes more than stupidity. It's also against the very reasonable LJ TOS.

3. I think Benny was right, can I come and troll your community?
If you want to, then sure! However, since the members have very little restrictions on what they can and cannot say, they may in fact rip you a new one. I'm giving you a fair warning.

4. I AM Benny, can I speak out/against your community?
Again, we have a total free speech policy here. Of course you can! But again with my warning, the members may rip you a new one.

5. Can we REALLY say what we want?
Yes. As long as it's in line with the incredibly reasonable LJ TOS, you can talk about whatever you'd like. Again, be aware that everyone else can too, and they have no problem calling you stupid if you so justly deserve it. Sometimes, even if you don't.
As a note, anything even involving the word "boot" needs to be friendslocked. That's NOT in the incredibly reasonable TOS and I think people forget that.

6. What's the point in even HAVING a mod?
Under very strenuous circumstances, SOMEONE has to come in and say, "hey, guys, cool it". Since I don't lord my power over everyone, I'm assuming that I'll get a better response than an uprising of the members against me.
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