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Benny Chat.

Welcome to Chat

isavedfrance05 - what about Adam's jeans?
masb1987 - I really want mozzarella sticks
chauntellle - hello
landlord_benny - hi people
landlord_benny - I don't have much time
NJRae - lol jordan
blazeofglory - omg
blazeofglory - i do tooo
JenLea - I swear I'm going to be THREE HUNDRED pounds by the time I get home.
landlord_benny - so we're making this quick
masb1987 - Hi Benny XD
chauntellle - hi
jadedquill - Whoa. Heya.
chauntellle - benny
NJRae - hi benny
isavedfrance05 - hi,mBenny
blazeofglory - mozzerella sticks, chocolte glazed doughnuts, and hummus best foods ever
landlord_benny - how is everyone tonight?
masb1987 - You're kinda late, everyone left
blazeofglory - um HI BENNY!
blazeofglory - lol
chauntellle - yeah
isavedfrance05 - tired and starving
NJRae - fine, how are you?
chauntellle - we had a whole group of people waiting for you
blazeofglory - hungry and frozen?
isavedfrance05 - yes XD
NJRae - some life that we've chosen
masb1987 - Oh, man, Amelia, you're making me hungrier
NJRae - ok, im done
isavedfrance05 - i'm in MI, i'm always frozen
ActivistGirl - well I came here just in time....
masb1987 - Okay, Benny
andrew - i am so sick of cold weather
landlord_benny - I know that people are upset about the banned members
masb1987 - So we need you to address our questions and concerns. Deleting and locking posts only pisses people off more
chauntellle - Yes it does.
landlord_benny - honestly
landlord_benny - this isn't about pissing people off
blazeofglory - because we dont know what is wrong and right
landlord_benny - there are rules
landlord_benny - they have to be followed
blazeofglory - if it just gets deleted
chauntellle - And you never addressed the issue, you just kept deleting the threads and we understand there are rules
masb1987 - The rules are unclear and silly
NJRae - i think the problem is that people aren't sure what is allowed and what isn't
landlord_benny - it got deleted because they crossed a line
JenLea - True,  but the rules are vague.
RENThead - hey everyone
NJRae - where is the line?
masb1987 - What line?
landlord_benny - so hang on
landlord_benny - and let me tell you
chauntellle - There are grey areas in your rules
NJRae - hanging
masb1987 - Then line is blurry
masb1987 - Haha
RENThead - omg is the real landlord-benny in there or is it just another username?
masb1987 - My dogs are eating my cookies
isavedfrance05 - it's him
landlord_benny - Aubrey,Tracey and Shannon were banned for discussing the following:
RENThead - omg that is so cool!
RENThead - hi landlord_benny! =)
andrew - i think its a fake...right?
landlord_benny - gay porn videos, harley jay being a pedaephile
chauntellle - no its not. I have the fake
masb1987 - Haha
masb1987 - Shhh
landlord_benny - and then they started saying that I "couldn't deal witht them"
RENThead - what's a pedaephile?
chauntellle - a child molester.
isavedfrance05 - touches children
NJRae - shh, we'll tell you later
RENThead - oh
chauntellle - people let benny talk!
landlord_benny - and then they started talking about the moderators and myself
landlord_benny - and they were dissing on other cast members etc
RENThead - thats not very nice
blazeofglory - okay renthead stop/
chauntellle - LET HIM TALK
blazeofglory - sorry no offense or anything
RENThead - i'm in a very happy mood today give me a break
landlord_benny - so I know that people are angry that they couldn't see why they were banned, but do you understand why now?
andrew - nope
isavedfrance05 - Yep
masb1987 - Nope
blazeofglory - the things is though i guess people are concerned with the fact that you didnt tell anyone this that it seemed kind of hidden from us
landlord_benny - well, if you don't then you need to get a clue
NJRae - i think it sounds like they definitely deserved a good solid warning
isavedfrance05 - hahahahha!
landlord_benny - they've been warned
blazeofglory - i concur
chauntellle - A lot of us knew because the banned people told us, but you never addressed the issue and told people what happened.
isavedfrance05 - Benny Burn!
landlord_benny - everyone was
masb1987 - I'm not mad you banned them, I'mabout your handling of the situation
andrew - and banning their IP adresses?
chauntellle - I agree.
andrew - a little extreme, eh benny
landlord_benny - but on top of that, allfireburns has been emailed twice
JenLea - That
JenLea - s only one of them though.
blazeofglory - also i think a lot of us disagree with the rules, now i know thats up to you but i think a little leniance is neccesary
landlord_benny - I haven't had the chance to address the idduse
landlord_benny - issue*
masb1987 - The thread should've been left up long enoughfor us to see why they were being banned
landlord_benny - no
landlord_benny - the thread was vulgar
masb1987 - And for us to see where the line is in your mind
blazeofglory - you did though in the blog
andrew - and why did you lock all the threads that talked about the issue?
blazeofglory - and deleted the blog
andrew - and you locked the Censorship thread
landlord_benny - and if the people at RENT saw it, this site could be shut down
chauntellle - Yes, but the others were never warned, because the blog on the first banned member never specified what happened and you needed to talk to the members about it
masb1987 - Because honestly, you let people call them cunts
blazeofglory - cant we voice opinions?
andrew - like nazi germany up on the voices for rent boards
RENThead - they can't shut down this site!
landlord_benny - because they take the time to provide things like cast interviews (with Harley Jay)
landlord_benny - I haven't had the chance to moderate
landlord_benny - because there has been so much crap from Aubrey, Tracey and Shannon
blazeofglory - for instance though they were kidding about you hating them you shouldnt take it personally
chauntellle - Because you never explained what happened in detail and people were confused
RENThead - no guys were banned?
andrew - yeah but you had time to moderate locking all the threads
landlord_benny - I don't take it personally
landlord_benny - I don't have time to explain everything to you
andrew - and tell you're little moderator whores to chill out, they're really mean and they think they own the boards
landlord_benny - there were good reasons to ban them
blazeofglory - and maturity wise anyone who is mature enough for rent should be able to endure a sexual inuendo or too and curses
landlord_benny - andrew
masb1987 - There are good reasons to ban half the site
landlord_benny - try respecting the mods
isavedfrance05 - You guys are acting like 12-year-olds.
landlord_benny - they are there for a reason
OnlyThingToDo - stay civil people
landlord_benny - you are acting like children
andrew - the mods suck
landlord_benny - and it's getting petty
blazeofglory - because we;re treated that way
masb1987 - Andrew, stop.
landlord_benny - I'm sorry you feel that way
chauntellle - You're the oone provoking everyone
andrew - i'd be willing to respect them if they weren't so mean
landlord_benny - next time, you apply for the mod position
blazeofglory - no just with the cencoring thing
blazeofglory - I DID
landlord_benny - I'm talking to andrew
bohemianangel - Hallo, all
chauntellle - hello.
RENThead - hey
masb1987 - Hey
jadedquill - Heya.
cdvla313 - hi
JenLea - Hey.
NJRae - hi
I_Love_Sutton - Hello
bohemianangel - Wow, I feel loved. ^_^
landlord_benny - unfortunately, I have to go
masb1987 - You want people who are mature enough to see Rent to speak as though they're five
chauntellle - Anyway. Benny you should have addressed the issue when the questions came instead of deleting the threads
masb1987 - No.
landlord_benny - I just want to ask one thing
chauntellle - it could have been an easy fix
RENThead - bye benny!
isavedfrance05 - shoot
masb1987 - Fine
JenLea - Go for it.
masb1987 - Ask
landlord_benny - no one is asking you to censor everything
chauntellle - ask
masb1987 - You are.
bohemianangel - You actually think that, Benny?
bohemianangel - Wow.
masb1987 - That's the problem, no one knows where the line is in your mind
RENThead - bye benny!
blazeofglory - no its that we are being cencored from the truth about what happened
landlord_benny - I think that I've been more lenient than I was told to be
NJRae - i have to say guys . . . calling anyone a pedephile (sp?), even in jest, is no little thing
blazeofglory - hense us feeling like children
NJRae - i hadn't heard that part of it
NJRae - which is why it would have been ice to be able to see what they got banned for
masb1987 - Well, whoever you're getting your orders from needs to get a reality check
blazeofglory - and besides there are some things that arent cencored in rent that we have to cencor it doesnt make sense
chauntellle - You have grey areas you need to draw an exact line for people to follow not just whatever you feel
landlord_benny - well, that's because this isn't RENT
landlord_benny - this is a fan site for RENT
blazeofglory - sorry you know i dont mean to attack you benny i hope you dont think that im just expressing how i feel
landlord_benny - and it has rules and regulations
cdvla313 - Didn't you have an actual question?
bohemianangel - But I think part of the problem is that no one knows exactly what happened and what they were banned for.  We don't know where the line is that you keep telling us not to cross.
blazeofglory - but everyone is on here because they appreciate rent
chauntellle - Exactly, fans of rent, whom are a mature audience in the first place.
NJRae - which is understandable, but you have to assume that everyone here has at least seen the movie
landlord_benny - right
masb1987 - Everyone who is here loves Rent, and loves what it's about
landlord_benny - but people who act like the three did went too far
masb1987 - One of those things is freedom of expression
blazeofglory - but we dont know what too far is
landlord_benny - yeah
chauntellle - Exactly.
blazeofglory - because we cant see what they wrote
I_Love_Sutton - but how far is too far?
landlord_benny - I love freedom of expression
RENThead - its ok to express youself but there is a limit to everyhting
landlord_benny - but everyone has to learn that there are limitations
blazeofglory - and what tyou said just before was the first time i had heard even partially what they had done
RENThead - ebverything*
RENThead - everything**
blazeofglory - that shouldnt be censored from us
chauntellle - What are the limitations though you need to let us know
bohemianangel - what DID happen, anyway?
RENThead - 3 people were banned
NJRae - like calling a cast member a pedephile (sp? again!)
landlord_benny - I had to remove their thread because it broke the rules of the site.
NJRae - i had not heard that
bohemianangel - No, I know that
landlord_benny - it's my job to remove such content
bohemianangel - I'm dating one of them, I definitely know.
landlord_benny - trust me
landlord_benny - I didn't WANT to ban anyone
riotnotquiet - hey!
brit-ta-nee - who is pretending to be benny?
NJRae - the problem is though, that without knowing what it is they said or did, it is hard for us to know what is allowed and what isn't
blazeofglory - and calling people cunts isnt breaking any rules?
chauntellle - NOONE
bohemianangel - thing is, that when we don't know exactly WHY they were banned, we don't know what lines they crossed.
blazeofglory - no it really is benny (we think)
RENThead - he's not pretending thats the real benny
brit-ta-nee - but i thought his name was with capitals...
masb1987 - i tink ppl tipin lyke thiz iz offenciffe. kin u ban 'em
riotnotquiet - hmm
riotnotquiet - lol
riotnotquiet - yeah, I read something about a chat tonight
NJRae - we know there are rules, we know ther eis a line that should not be crossed, but there are gray areas, and the line appears blurry
chauntellle - Benny, shannon says go read her email.
I_Love_Sutton - did anyone actually tak offense at those posts?
landlord_benny - I have to go
I_Love_Sutton - *take
landlord_benny - but please
NJRae - i didn't see them
isavedfrance05 - Bye, Benny
blazeofglory - again not to attack of course but benny you havent addressed the issue
chauntellle - please what?
RENThead - bye benny!
blazeofglory - of people
blazeofglory - calling
landlord_benny - can we not have to hash this out again
blazeofglory - others
blazeofglory - cunts
blazeofglory - well anyway thats a person who should get banned
masb1987 - Seriously. It's okay for others to attack us as long as they're defending you?
NJRae - absolutely
blazeofglory - sorry dont mean to be rude hope you understand where we're coming from though.
chauntellle - exactly.
landlord_benny - I will deal with members as fit
JenLea - So it seems.
masb1987 - Amazing.
landlord_benny - and if someone called them cunts
landlord_benny - they will be dealt with
bohemianangel - I am going to murder my connection.
landlord_benny - I have to put out one fire at a time
bohemianangel - Anyway.
blazeofglory - i belive its in the locked board on cencorship
landlord_benny - good night
bohemianangel - It just seems that if the mods were doing their jobs, they would've seen that and delt with it.
brit-ta-nee - seriously who is pretending to be benny?
blazeofglory - anyway goodnight
landlord_benny - thanks blazeofglory
wonderchildd - goodnight!
chauntellle - noone is
chauntellle - people
RENThead - thats really benny
landlord_benny - I will look at it tomorrow AM
masb1987 - Have a good night
bohemianangel - Thank you.
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