masb1987 (masb1987) wrote in bannedfromv4r,

Benny finally posted what he considers the rules:

Because people were unclear as to the sorts of things that were inappropriate, prohibited, and unacceptable on VFR, we made a friendly list for everyone to read.

The below listed content, in addition to the Terms and Conditions of this site, are the basis of all actions taken when a member is banned from the site. As a member of this site, you agree to abide by the following:

1) This is meant to be a fun, frivolous musical theatre board for entertainment purposes - not a gospel of life. This forum is not intended as a resource for rivalry or competition regarding one's dedication to RENT. This IS a place for legitimate and fun conversations. Those who might be taking these message boards too seriously (or the other side of the coin as well) might want to reevaluate their participation here.

2) When posting ANY topic of discussion, please be considerate and thoughtful about what you write. Your post is out there for all to see and what you choose to post is ultimately YOUR responsibility. Insulting other members on the board, whether direct or indirectly, will NOT be tolerated.

The FIRST time you are hostile or inappropriate to or about anyone on the forum or someone involved in the show, your post will be removed and you will be warned. If you post something hostile or inappropriate a SECOND time, whether it be in the same thread or not, it and all your subsequent posts will be removed and you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from Voices for Rent; no questions asked.

3) Please keep your daily postings to legitimate topics only. Make sure they are reasonable in size and content. Be conscious of the language you use, because profanity is not acceptable and sarcasm is difficult to read online. If you're not sure whether you should post it or not, your best bet is to not post. Spamming/trolling/posting excessively on the boards in a manner that is distractive or offensive is strictly prohibited, and will result in banishment.

4) Treat everyone as your equal. No one, except Landlord_Benny, is entitled to tell someone else how to behave, what they should write, etc. There are no assigned den mothers here. If you find something questionable or offensive, please contact with a link to the thread in question, the exact topic title, the participant's screen name and reason for your concern.

5) Be respectful of the cast members, crew, their families and their privacy. Any comment that disparages the person or character of a cast member (current or past), their family or the crew is subject to deletion and the offending member will be banned.

6) Notices for other members to instant message you will NOT be permitted on the main boards. Not only is it waste of server space, it is alienating to everyone else. If you choose to instant message, please keep that between you and your IM partner(s) and rely on the fact that they are savvy enough to check their IM's on their own.

7) Charity efforts and fund-raising are not allowed. This forum does not support selling or buying copyrighted electronic media in any format whatsoever. Those who want to share or trade items (without costs involved) are encouraged to discuss this elsewhere, such as in instant messages etc.

8) Under no circumstances whatsoever are you to publicly post a mailing address or telephone number of any of the members on this board. This is for everyone's protection.

This amuses me on so many levels. He must have realised that he had no grounds according to the ToC to ban all the people he banned. And this contradicts so many of his previous statements.

But yay! He learned how to spell inappropriate!
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