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Shannon's Doodlings

I was bored beyond belief in school today, and I spent some time when I should have been taking notes doodling. Most of it is V4R related, a lot of chat inside jokes.

The scanner I was trying to use to get them on here decided it didn't like me, so I just took pictures of them. They're kind of big, but if I would have made them small you wouldn't be able to read them.

(Bottom right reads: "Oh joy! A baby!" and "But he has no ovaries!")

Mid section with the bubble around it reads: The boys' pelvic regions are censored, because they are a bit excited. And thanks to Benny, censorship is all the rage these days.

The bottom right reads: "Dec posing as an underage girl to get in Harley's pants"

Second one reads: Matt Caplan attacks Anthony Rapp with an axe after Matt found his 'lady friend' using a vibrator with Anthony's voice coming out of it. Anthony's attempts to articulately talk Matt out of killing him fail.

Third one reads: After hearing that Tracey, Shannon, and Aubrey disparaged Rent, Matt Caplan attacks the banned members. Their attempts to survive included: trying to seduce him, trying to give him gay porn, and trying to hook him up with...

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