mealzyb (mealzyb) wrote in bannedfromv4r,

What is he smoking?

Honeyb672 [11:39 A.M.]: I have a question, you know the letters challange?
Honeyb672 [11:39 A.M.]: and you know how it said they are delivering them to the nederlander?
Landlord Benny [11:42 A.M.]: how I am delivering them
Landlord Benny [11:42 A.M.]: yup
Honeyb672 [11:44 A.M.]: yeah i was wondering what they're planning on doing with them there, because I kind of had an idea but I don't know how plausable it would be
Landlord Benny [11:44 A.M.]: i'm not completely sure
Landlord Benny [11:44 A.M.]: I was just told by the RENT folks to bring the letters to the theatre
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: I was thinking that they might take some of the best ones and feature them
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: okay, because i was thinking maybe they could use them to cover up all the graffiti on the nederlander
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: in some of their showcases
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: but I'm not sure
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: ohh true, thats a good idea
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: no no no
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: then again i dont know how they would do that without having them blow away it was just a thought
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: the graffiti is on the nederlander for a reason
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: it makes it look more RENT
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: they did that on purpose!
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: no they didn't
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: i mean like the thing people signed outside the nederlander
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: like fans that say "OMGZ ADUM PASKAL IS THE HOTTEST MARK EVA"
Landlord Benny [11:46 A.M.]: lol
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: haha yeah
Landlord Benny [11:46 A.M.]: I think the theatre likes it
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: because it adds more RENT character
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: but I don't know
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: I think they wanted to feature the letters inside
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: if they use them for that
Honeyb672 [11:47 A.M.]: Really, i can't imagine they would, and i think my friend talked to john vivian about it and he said they were trying to find the same color paint but they're so busy they dont really have time

then he just said "right" or something like that.
But seriously, I can't believe he's actually advocating the graffiti on the Nederlander!
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