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Silenced Voices' Journal
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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
1:00 am
VFR just sucks.
Between exams at the end of spring, and working at summer camp in the beginning of summer, I hadn't had much time for the internet (gasp, I know) let alone voicesforrent. When I finally returned I noticed... that site sucks.

The "new wave" of vfr users is composed of total fangirls. Even if they're not "fangirls" per se, they still act way more immature then their age.

What happened to the old crowd that I was slightly on the outside of, but there nonetheless? Where are the late-night Benny hating chats? And what the fuck's up with the "official VFR snobs, green means sarcasm" cult?

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, May 7th, 2007
12:03 pm
What is he smoking?
Honeyb672 [11:39 A.M.]: I have a question, you know the letters challange?
Honeyb672 [11:39 A.M.]: and you know how it said they are delivering them to the nederlander?
Landlord Benny [11:42 A.M.]: how I am delivering them
Landlord Benny [11:42 A.M.]: yup
Honeyb672 [11:44 A.M.]: yeah i was wondering what they're planning on doing with them there, because I kind of had an idea but I don't know how plausable it would be
Landlord Benny [11:44 A.M.]: i'm not completely sure
Landlord Benny [11:44 A.M.]: I was just told by the RENT folks to bring the letters to the theatre
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: I was thinking that they might take some of the best ones and feature them
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: okay, because i was thinking maybe they could use them to cover up all the graffiti on the nederlander
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: in some of their showcases
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: but I'm not sure
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: ohh true, thats a good idea
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: no no no
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: then again i dont know how they would do that without having them blow away it was just a thought
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: the graffiti is on the nederlander for a reason
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: it makes it look more RENT
Landlord Benny [11:45 A.M.]: they did that on purpose!
Honeyb672 [11:45 A.M.]: no they didn't
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: i mean like the thing people signed outside the nederlander
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: like fans that say "OMGZ ADUM PASKAL IS THE HOTTEST MARK EVA"
Landlord Benny [11:46 A.M.]: lol
Honeyb672 [11:46 A.M.]: haha yeah
Landlord Benny [11:46 A.M.]: I think the theatre likes it
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: because it adds more RENT character
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: but I don't know
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: I think they wanted to feature the letters inside
Landlord Benny [11:47 A.M.]: if they use them for that
Honeyb672 [11:47 A.M.]: Really, i can't imagine they would, and i think my friend talked to john vivian about it and he said they were trying to find the same color paint but they're so busy they dont really have time

then he just said "right" or something like that.
But seriously, I can't believe he's actually advocating the graffiti on the Nederlander!
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
2:53 pm
We call on you for help :]
Chauntelle and I are planning a trip up to the city to see Anthony and Adam in August.

We're going up with our parents thinking that we are on a drama club field trip, but we will really be going up by ourselves. We have most of the details figured out, but we have come to one roadblock.

We don't have access to a credit card to book a hotel (for one night) online, and most hotels won't let us check in without an adult.

We basically either need to find use of a credit card belonging to someone who will let us pay them back, or need to find some sort of dream hotel where we can pay in cash and check in.

HELP NEEDED. Suggestions?

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
10:34 pm
haha i win the awkward award
So I have NO idea who this girl is but i saw she had 900 something posts, so i felt the need to inform her about her closeness to the special exclusive club that so many of us are a part of...

Honeyb672 [10:32 P.M.]: Hello+Are+you+there?
moonandstar54 [10:32 P.M.]: yes
Honeyb672 [10:32 P.M.]: sorry i didnt meant to send that
Honeyb672 [10:33 P.M.]: anyway just wanted to let you know that you have 77 more post until you can join the no life club
Honeyb672 [10:33 P.M.]: okay thats all
moonandstar54 [10:33 P.M.]: thanks

So I win the awkward award, right? Right?

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
12:49 am
Interesting thing posted on challenge 13
Voices for RENT
135 W. 26th Street
Suite 8A
New York, NY 100001

yeah, that would be the address of the voices for rent office.
Monday, April 9th, 2007
12:48 pm

Benny was on AIM this morning, so I had a little chat with him. If you highlight the black text you can see it, sorry about that. Enjoy.

 Hi Benny

Landlord Benny : hi

ThnkYouJonLarson  I've been meaning to talk to you.

ThnkYouJonLarson  how are you?

Landlord Benny : fine fine

Landlord Benny): and yourself?

ThnkYouJonLarson  alright.

ThnkYouJonLarson ): Ok, can you please answer my questions now?

ThnkYouJonLarson ): ?

ThnkYouJonLarson (Benny, please focus.

Landlord Benny go ahead, ask your questions

ThnkYouJonLarson why did you ban me?

ThnkYouJonLarson and please don't ignore me like you've done every other time.

Landlord Benny  do you really need to be told why you were banned?

Landlord Benny is that really what this is about?

Landlord Benny : because I think it's pretty obvious

ThnkYouJonLarson ):  what i did complies with the rules, you know the ones that mysteriously appeared the day after.

ThnkYouJonLarson : i know your ignoring me, but if youd just answer me, then I'd be satisfied.

ThnkYouJonLarson: emails have nothing to do with the website itself, if I put something on the board you didn’t appreciate then couldn’t you remove it and warn me?

ThnkYouJonLarson: and as for offending minors, what makes a minor less capable of  going into a chat room then looking at a board?

ThnkYouJonLarson: don’t be a jerk, answer me.

ThnkYouJonLarson: ok, well you can be a little immature and ignore me, or you can answer my questions.

ThnkYouJonLarson: i really don’t understand my banishment, it makes no sense to me, and i refuse to believe banning me was just.

ThnkYouJonLarson: and by the way how come i never got an email about it?

ThnkYouJonLarson: ?

ThnkYouJonLarson: c'mon. if i wouldn’t have told you who i was you'd be talking to me, instead of being rude and ignoring.

Landlord Benny: sorry

Landlord Benny:  I too have work

ThnkYouJonLarson: great excuse.

Landlord Benny:  I knew who you were the second I saw the screen name

Landlord Benny:  you can believe what you want

ThnkYouJonLarson: can i just have my answer?

ThnkYouJonLarson: and if not can I have a reason why you won’t give it to me?

ThnkYouJonLarson: because quite frankly, I think that you know that there was no GOOD reason for banning me, but your afraid to admit it.

Landlord Benny:  you were banned because you violated the rules of the site, and whether you respect me or not, I'm the sites admin. If you think it's acceptable to send the ridiculous emails you did, then there's nothing I can do to help you understand

Landlord Benny:  I don't have to justify my reason for banning you

Landlord Benny:  you, like everyone else, signed the Terms and Conditions, and if you didn't understand them, that's not my fault

Landlord Benny:  you were rude on and off the site

Landlord Benny:  and I won't tolerate that

Landlord Benny:  period

Landlord Benny:  there's nothing more I can do for you

Landlord Benny:  so I suggest you move on

ThnkYouJonLarson: and since when are there no warnings?

Landlord Benny:  there was never a need for warnings

Landlord Benny:  I did that to be nice

ThnkYouJonLarson: i wouldve moved on a long time ago if you wouldve talked to me then.

Landlord Benny:  but then you grew to expect a scolding before daddy had to come and spank you

Landlord Benny:  you crossed the line way more than once

Landlord Benny:  you knew what you were doing, and you knew that your actions would result in banning (you even posted about it)

Landlord Benny:  so don't act so schocked

Landlord Benny:  I didn't need to send you an email to tell you that you were crossing the line because you knew it

ThnkYouJonLarson: im not shocked, i knew. it was the fact that I didnt get an email from you, (ps great spelling) or a blog about it or anything.

ThnkYouJonLarson: you have no proof of that.

ThnkYouJonLarson: i knew it was going to happen, but thats not the problem, the problem is, you didnt do your responsibilities as site admin. you can give excuses all you want, but you didn't.

ThnkYouJonLarson: It was a joke, and if you can't take a joke you have issues man. You banned the cool people, and their reasoning was just as bad, and I can't just walk away and be satisfied with this crap.

Landlord Benny:  1) you don't define my responsibities

Landlord Benny   2) You can be as mad as you want, but don't whine to me because you crossed the line

Landlord Benny  and as for your friends, what they did was wrong, whether they're willing to accept that or not

ThnkYouJonLarson  1.) I'm not whining

ThnkYouJonLarson 2.) Why won't you admit your mistakes

ThnkYouJonLarson 3.) It doesn't matter to me because I'm on V4R right now.

Landlord Benny because banning them was not a mistake

Landlord Benny):  does that make you feel special?

ThnkYouJonLarson Yes, terrribly.

Landlord Benny you think I don't know

ThnkYouJonLarson): I hope you can sense the sarcasm because sometimes thats hard on the internet

Landlord Benny I don't have anymore time to play games

Landlord Benny : have fun

Landlord Benny :  have a nice week

Landlord Benny :  toodles


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Sunday, April 8th, 2007
1:45 am
Friday, April 6th, 2007
7:46 pm
Are any of you going to Akron, last time i checked no one was sure.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
6:38 pm
Whatever IS POSTED for this community is supposed to STAY on this community not for the whole VFR world to know, because other wise some of the things that are posted will be questioned from other members. Such as something I saw on there today that I KNOW only 3 other members myself included saw what happened in the chat last night. This community is to be something aside from VFR not to copy and post it there.
Saturday, March 31st, 2007
2:50 pm
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
1:50 pm
Benny finally posted what he considers the rules:

Read more...Collapse )

This amuses me on so many levels. He must have realised that he had no grounds according to the ToC to ban all the people he banned. And this contradicts so many of his previous statements.

But yay! He learned how to spell inappropriate!
Monday, March 26th, 2007
3:53 pm
And the latest banned member is...
Rachel (entertomcollins) just emailed me to tell me that she just got banned from V4R.
She didn't even get an email from Benny about it.

"I started a thread and told stories of vaginas, virginia, lube, and CLAM. I don't think the emails to him went over well either, especially the one about his vagina being unhappy with him."

Hilarious. I was joking around and told her to send him an email saying, "Dear Benny, Your vagina is unhappy. Love, Your Vagina", and she did it. She's just plain fabulous.

Sad thing is, she probably won't get her own blog because Benny wants to believe his site is perfect and is made of rainbows and butterflies.

Give it two weeks, and the site will have no members left to ban.

Current Mood: bouncy
3:49 pm
I just got banned! hooray! But Benny was to big of a lazy ass to even send me a frikken email. or give me a blog about it. oh well. Voices for RENT sucks anyway.

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
10:38 pm
Oh come on! ;-)

I expected more VfR ones!
Sunday, January 6th, 1980
12:54 am
v4r is getting way lame
everything is disorganized, there are like 10 of the same thread, none of them are relevant...i just kind of lurk around now... i like this thing. i like sharing files :] so....anyway, this is jen/unicornoflove. i was fairly new but i made a few good posts, i think. lol.
i'd just like to say congrats on getting banned and hey, whats up? add my journal if you want.
Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
5:02 pm
Shannon's Doodlings
I was bored beyond belief in school today, and I spent some time when I should have been taking notes doodling. Most of it is V4R related, a lot of chat inside jokes.

The scanner I was trying to use to get them on here decided it didn't like me, so I just took pictures of them. They're kind of big, but if I would have made them small you wouldn't be able to read them.

Bob Ross; Radioactive Sperm; Harley; Matt; Amanduh; Benny; Mark/RogerCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
8:09 am
They deleted the "Bashishment" thread, didn't they?

Also, I always wondered if that was supposed to be a double entendre, or Benny just never checks his spelling...

Edit: Never mind, it just moved. But the constant December 1969 thing is making me chuckle.
Monday, March 19th, 2007
8:33 pm
Benny Chat.

Welcome to Chat
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