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And the latest banned member is...

Rachel (entertomcollins) just emailed me to tell me that she just got banned from V4R.
She didn't even get an email from Benny about it.

"I started a thread and told stories of vaginas, virginia, lube, and CLAM. I don't think the emails to him went over well either, especially the one about his vagina being unhappy with him."

Hilarious. I was joking around and told her to send him an email saying, "Dear Benny, Your vagina is unhappy. Love, Your Vagina", and she did it. She's just plain fabulous.

Sad thing is, she probably won't get her own blog because Benny wants to believe his site is perfect and is made of rainbows and butterflies.

Give it two weeks, and the site will have no members left to ban.
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