iluvnooyawk (iluvnooyawk) wrote in bannedfromv4r,

VFR just sucks.

Between exams at the end of spring, and working at summer camp in the beginning of summer, I hadn't had much time for the internet (gasp, I know) let alone voicesforrent. When I finally returned I noticed... that site sucks.

The "new wave" of vfr users is composed of total fangirls. Even if they're not "fangirls" per se, they still act way more immature then their age.

What happened to the old crowd that I was slightly on the outside of, but there nonetheless? Where are the late-night Benny hating chats? And what the fuck's up with the "official VFR snobs, green means sarcasm" cult?
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They wanted less fighting if "Green meant sarcasm".
...The world is being overrun by Fangirls.
God help us all.
well there are still petty fight. Even when sarcasm isn't involved.
*Points to final line of last post*
Petty fights over nothing...
A sign of the Fangirl Apocalypse!
I haven't been on V4R in months.
I was banned, but I could still get on the message boards with some Proxy's. But I only want the chat.

I miss the late night Benny hate chats.
Don't worry, you're not missin much. =/
My cousin was the one that started the green means sarcasm and she's just very sarcastic and she likes green. I really doubt she cared if people were bickering over dumb shit. And she, my cousin, is definitely not a fangirl.

Yeah. And voices started sucking a few weeks ago and I now check the site for about two threads. RvD, and Aaron Lavigne. Yeah its not fun anymore.
hahaha you're icon is amazing.
haha thanks, I still need to find the creator though to give them credit, anyone know the creator?
We all got bored with it and left, methinks.

That's why Aub and I aren't there anymore, anyway.
Yeah that is exactly it, it was funny for awhile then the majority of "heavy posters" got bored and stopped checking back. With the lack of new posts, new threads more people [lurkers, seldom posters] left too. It was downward spiral that I'm sure we can all agree is Benny's fault...haha.
I stopped caring, even about being a bitch. ;) Occasionally I like to go back and mock the obvious lack of new members.

(By noticing the gap between updates to this:
Voices for RENT reached 1000 members on Jan 26, 2007!
Voices for RENT reached 2000 members on Feb 4, 2007!
Voices for RENT reached 3000 members on Feb 22, 2007!
Voices for RENT reached 4000 members on Mar 16, 2007!
Voices for RENT reached 5000 members on May 8, 2007!
Voices for RENT reached 6000 members on July 20, 2007!
Yes, I am definately not a fangirl. But thanks anyway, and I really just like sarcasm and the color green. You're great though, for assuming that I'm a fangirl and all.
I stopped going. I don't even wanna talk about it. Maybe it'll shut down.
Yea, I know I haven't seen your pink icon in a while. Hope it wasn't anything too traumatic...
It wasn't one bad event and I wasn't banned, it was a general decline into shitness. When I first joined it was new so I assumed eventually more features would be added but when I realized there wouldn't be...I got sick of it. Sick of discussing whether Mark was Jewish and sick of listing the times people had seen rent or the reasons why Adam's eyelashes are hot. The minutes thing was embarassing and stupid and childish. I think Landlord_Benny, whoever he really is, wasn't even a Rent fan, just a tech savvy college kid who got hired to make the website and see the show a few times. If he wasn't part of the fandom before he must have really gotten a bad impression from the bitchy fans.


October 28 2007, 19:48:13 UTC 9 years ago

Then why did you come back recently?